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Testimonials To Our Work


Your "Breakthrough Course" was like a marvelous Garden full of wonderful Flowers offering their Beauty, their Fragrance, their Nectar... and I was like a Bee enjoying all these goodies, striving to make a valuable "Honey" in return ! Thank you so much for letting me visit your splendid Garden which I will try my best to take care of, making those delicate "Entities" grow forth.

Marc Felile, Colombes, France.


At the end of your course you asked me to recommend it to five people. I decided to send the recommendation to all in my address book an estimated number of 500. In my recommendation I've compared your course to Anthony Robin's "Personal Power" and said that I found it even better and meant it.

What more do I need to say. I'm one of those lucky people who are happy in their jobs, although the financial side isn't the best but at least I don't have to work for the tip that I receive at the end of the month. During your course I found ways and means to ensure financial freedom after a while (15 years from now) without jeopardizing my doing nothing the whole day.

Berti van Rensburg, Florida Park, South Africa


There is a difference between praise and encouragement.  Praise is about what other people think of you.  Encouragement is about what you think of you.   Most people praise others.  Asoka speaks the language of  en-courage- ment.  Just when I thought that I had 'tasted' it all in the area of personal growth,  Asoka introduced new food for thought.  It was Asoka's encouragement that lead me to another Life BreakThrough.


Eileen B., Ontario, Canada


Excelsior! I am a disabled (degenerative spine disease) 41 year old married woman who asked for and received a daily newsletter called the Life Breakthrough Course which entered my inbox each day for 14 days. I have just recently finished the course, so the ramifications of what I have learned has not fully come to fruition, however ~ during the course of reading the material, I had a note pad nearby and I wrote down each course in a line or two on this 5"X7" pad in order to see the course at a glance to remind me daily of what I had learned. 

Due to this course, I made a commitment to help others through Karmic Astrology and put the information I can research and obtain for them on a message board with the MSN communities (Our Realms of Myth). Before this course, I would not have had the guts to do anything of the kind, as my education does not cover MBs or Ph.Ds and I would have felt ineffectual as I did not consider myself an 'expert' in any field. I'd like to inform others of how much I truly enjoyed this course. 14 days of information I could actually use and not a hint of solicitation for other things. 

Dana L Miller, Copalis Crossing, Washington,


The course, if taken seriously can be of great help. It came to me in a moment of desperate need and it indeed helped me out a lot. I know that there are situations in which accomplishing what's being suggested is hard, but with a little will and a desire of changing the situations, it can be done. I am going through it slowly, repeating exercises without desperation, the results have been amazing! It will take longer time to accomplish everything I want but...What's time in God's sight? Being willing is the first step and  being perseverant is the next step; everything else stems out of this two major steps. Thank you, Asoka.

Alberto Josč Alvarez Gonząlez, Caracas, Venezuela

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I would like to thank you for creating the 14-day course. It was easy to follow and your suggestions made so much sense. I am in the process of trying to figure out who my master mind group buddies should be. Thank you again!

Brigitte, San Diego, CA


Today I received the last day's course of your special 14 days course for personal development. What you have put in this short course is the quintessence of wisdom of our sages. Your monthly ezine is also very good.

You are doing an excellent service especially to youngsters. I share your ezines with many of my friends and all of them are benefited immensely.

Shanmugasundaram Natesan, Coimbatore, India


There are so many websites with truth teachings but not many with substance. I definitely "bookmarked" your website. Whenever I feel that I am in need of solace I will go on to your site and nourish my soul with your wonderful wisdom. You have found a way to combine the intellect with the heart. Your writings are very inspirational indeed.

Roz Brooks, Santa Maria, CA


Dear Asoka, Thank you for this wonderful course - above all else it allows GROWTH both Spiritually and Personally. It has made me become so much more aware of myself, my goals and how important it is TO BE and I love the StillPoints, I could become addicted!!! Once again, many, many thanks for giving so much of yourself so that others may benefit.

Mary Duff - Kloofendal, Roodepoort - South Africa


I have just completed the Life Breakthrough Course. What an Inspiring and Growth-Supporting Experience! Each lesson addressed a Key aspect that could take us to the next level, physically, mentally and spiritually. You also offered practical and immediately applicable action to get us going and keep on going to build the momentum necessary, to create a breakthrough.

What impacted me most from this course, was Day #10: Begin Your Dream Project. I have recently started one of my "Dream Projects", (it involves writing); and the strategy you suggested, has given me more confidence in my ability to complete this project; as well as making it a much more enjoyable experience. Thank you so much for the guidance, insight and wisdom you share through The Lifebreakthrough Course. You have truly captured the essence, of what's required to create a breakthrough.

Jennifer McSween, Montreal, Canada


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What is wonderful for me was that you gave specific ways to see yourself from a different vantage point. You helped me move from a sense of woundedness and begin to work on goals that replenish the human spirit. I value this course even though it is free.

Howard Gittler, Lords Valley, PA


What I liked best was that this course had exercises to do right now. It is easy to just read something profound and think about it, but not DO anything about it. My results were subtle, and good. Although the information at first seemed basic, I feel it is nonetheless powerful and life changing.

You are doing good things and I respect your viewpoints and wisdom. Please carry on!

Kim Kristensen


I was very pleased with the course which I have printed out for future reference. I found it tightly written with the chief points coming through strongly each time. I liked the daily Tip for Action to reinforce the main content. Keep up the good work!

Patrick O'Brien

Hello dear Asoka,

First, I want to thank You so much for what You have been doing to help other people wake up, open their eyes and start living REAL life... I want also to thank you many and many times for your internet site, your wonderful book "Inner Light Outer Wealth" and 14-day life breakthrough course!..

As for the 14-day life breakthrough course, to tell you the truth, I regard it too seriously to have really fulfilled it for 14 days. I realize that to really have some success in this area (actually most and the only important in life) there's absolute necessity for PRACTICE (and unfortunately that's my most weakest point). So I'm yet at the very beginning...

Igor Ts., Gomel, Republic of Belarus 

I found the course to be very helpful. I am doing my best to put all these things to work in my life, and even trying to come up with some new ways to use these techniques. I have studied ways of thinking, philosophy and the such, and I can say that this guy did his homework.

Charles Jagger, Logansport, IN


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Hi, Asoka!

I would like to thank you for the wonderful ideas you share in "Life Break Through"! Every day I was looking forward to reading it and I really did my best to apply what you are teaching. So far I can say that I found more inner peace. I have become conscious about living in the moment and that gave me already ample possibility to enjoy the little things that brighten
our life! Thank you once more!

Esther M. Djahangiri, Bienna, Austria


Thank you so much for your e-mails.  I enjoyed them tremendously, and having
lost to suicide my daughter of 17 years old and subsequently my husband to
separation, I have regained deeper insight from your writings.  God bless.



I have being reading all the marvelous messages you have being sending to me with great attention and I am happy to inform you it has started having a great influence over my life. I have drafted my goals and by the grace of God ,I would rule the clinical research field. This my new found vigour is through your messages. I needs more of those great messages. May God be with you.



Just a short note to say how I valued the course. I am taking your advice and starting properly from Day 1. Will let you know what happens! Seriously, you presented everything so simply that, even after over ten years of reading and "processing" I feel that your approach is applicable in real time and came in bite size chunks. I look forward to Aspire to Wisdom and am going to order your book. Thank you again,

Linda Babb, British Columbia, CA

Dearest Asoka, The Mystic Visions sent to me really opened my eyes as well as applying the knowledge you sent thru those correspondences. I printed every one and learned thru the readings is not to judge a thought or phrase on the first approach. It has helped me learn more of me without thinking  what others thought of me and if you ever start another Mystic Vision page please remember to include me. It has really made me look at life on a more realistic level and I have come to the conclusion that I am just as knowledgeable as the next one, I'm learning to truly love and accept myself regardless of all the flaws because we ALL have them. Sending love,

Sandy Marie Springer


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I learned from your course how to set goals other than just for today and tomorrow. I examined my goals and decided to take a religious class on Sunday afternoons. I decided to go to school and take computer to get into the Information Technology field. I have concrete goals other than working, coming home, fixing dinner, and on weekends having lots of fun with friends. Thanks to your course to help me have dreams other than working and 
supporting myself. 

Ann Gant, Dallas, TX


Your articles are excellent. I especially enjoy the metaphysical aspects that you bring to your subjects. 'In search of the Feminine Archetype' was particularly thought provoking. Thank you for the inspiration and the guidance.

Claude Sutton, Gauteng. S.A.


... A short note to comment on your inspiring course that has an exceptional ability to build confidence and very uplifting. It's motivating and has help me to control my destiny by reaching a higher self. The amount of wisdom your course offers is very beneficial...
... I highly recommend to everyone to take your course it will help them to turn their lives around, it will lead them to accomplishment and make a huge difference into their lives. I give you permission to share my comments, your course is very powerful and it will help everyone to achieve in so many ways. Thank you!
Florence Baribeau, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 


I have just finished reviewing all of the messages in the Life BreakThrough course, and I wanted to thank you for this program.  Your messages are always "perfect": good information, presented in manageable bites, sprinkled liberally with encouragement. 

Linda Wiersema, Detroit MI 

The course itself I think was very good. It is broken down into easy-to-digest parts and I found this very useful. The part that I found most useful was on setting goals. I always believed in the power of goal-setting  but have never done it or followed thought with it. I have had a very bad two years and am now working to start my own business.

After finishing the course I decided to take action straight away (normally I don't and nothing changes). So I set-up a spreadsheet on which I listed my goals and mini-goals. This as helped me a great deal. Previously, although I knew what I wanted to do I was hesitant and had self-esteem issues so I was not dedicated to it 100%. I felt I was 'crawling' along as oppose to making a commited approach.

Now every morning I look at my goal list before I do anything and everyday I aim to achieve or learn something new.

F. Ahmad, London, UK


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Many thanks for your Life Breakthrough Course. I found the whole course extremely helpful, it raised questions within, which  allowed the answers to formulate. It gave focus and clarity, and I will be reviewing the lessons on a regular basis. The tips for action, give excellent advice, which will give you a kick start  to a new beginning of change.

Lynnette Scott, Southampton, England.


An excellent personal development course listing the essential concepts to achieve communication with the higher self. I am really inspired by the ease that you are able to convey misunderstood knowledge of this nature to the media. And in such a manner that beneficial results are achievable. This course complements your latest book 'The seven golden secrets' as it provides the preliminary grounding before even more in depth teachings.  

Steve G. Rugby, Great Britain.

I thought the course was great. I found the text to be very inspirational and the daily messages and exercises to be very motivating.  A great way to start my day. Thanks and much appreciation for the instruction!

Sonya Grigoruk, Los Angeles, CA


The course was really beneficial to me.. I can confidently say that it has changed my way of looking at the things that happen to me. The part of the course which made me to take a look at my attitude was "The Key Attitude For Success - RESPONSIBILITY" . Thanks for sharing this invaluable knowledge.

Shyam Sunder--   Bangalore,  INDIA


I found the course absolutely fantastic. Everyday there was a project that you could do which made you really think and put everything into action. I loved it. My heartfelt thanks goes to you Asoka for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me. God Bless you.

Lee Roche, Katikati, New Zealand


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I am very pleased with and extremely grateful for your course. It seems as though a current of fate coursed through the phone lines with the rest of the electronic information that downloaded on my screen the day I came upon this course. 

The issues you deal with are real and critical and are the shrouded sources of many resulting problems. You are like the physician who cures the disease instead of just treating the symptoms. The solutions you provide are logical and effective, and you give ample information to support them. Your techniques for improvement are feasible and worth-while. Most importantly, you actually care. You present more options and additional support and resources to your readers instead of pushing merchandise on them. 

I now see the choices I have, but could not see before. You have helped me realize my own power over my life and helped me accept my responsibility of this privilege. I gladly forgo the quick fixes of others, which are temporary, for your steadfast, faithful instruction. Because of this paced commitment for change, I unfortunately cannot yet tell you that I am suddenly successful and happy beyond my wildest dreams. This does not mean that my life hasn't changed dramatically and positively, though. It has. I know that success is only a matter of time (and effort) for me!

Thank you very much.  I hope life rewards you three-fold for the way you have helped me.

Jaime Lynn Phillips, Muncy Valley, Pennsylvania


I was impressed with the thought and work behind the course and the many truths contained in it. It felt very personal to me, although the author did not know me at all. I recommend the course highly. If it works for me as well as I think it has then the proof will be for all to see when I become a famous author!

Linda Lewis, Exeter, Devon, England


Your course is fantastic because :

1.It explains in a simple language the practical steps you need to take to make a difference .
2.I followed thru in almost all cases and the results are great. Day 1 has been the one that has had the most impact in my life.

I have the course in my inbox and I certainly am going to go over the course at my pace at least a number of times. Keep up the good work.

Nilesh Shah, London, UK

The Mystic Visions course provided new insights to "old" problem areas by providing sound goal oriented actions.  I enjoyed the questions that required much deeper thought of how I am and how I wish to be.  The suggested exercises at the end of each day helped bring home the action(s)
necessary if I truly wished to move forward.  I would highly recommend this 14-day course to anyone interested in learning more about themselves.

Kimberly Ehn, Texas, USA


Thank you for the Life BreakThrough course! I think it is very precious, well-organized. I agree with you, these are the most important guidelines to change our lives. These were the important points that had changed my life... I hope, that I can share this knowledge with other people, first of all, in my family, then with others. Thank you again!

Daday Ildiko, Oradea Romania

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Loved your course. ...really grateful for the chance you gave me. I have had two strokes just before Christmas but I am walking again and your course gave me something to buck me up, as well as giving me a much stronger belief in myself. 

I cannot explain fully what a difference your course has made to my way of thinking. You made me realise that instead of concentrating on making up my image externally I should be thinking of myself from within. Thanks to you I have more respect for my self and my abilities. God bless you and keep you in good health and happiness always. Wishing you all success in your ventures.

Ronald M Bullock Pelsall, Walsall, U.K.


I enjoyed two particular aspects of the class, the first being the method of developing goals. In my search for attaining happiness and prosperity I had not yet come across an effective method of goal setting. I learned that with you. Secondly, I enjoyed knowing you presented your material without the ever present sales pitches. I realize the net is a great source of revenue but you seem to approach its use as a medium to get your message across rather than to generate income.

Al Garza


Thank you Asoka for the marvellous mini-course.  You said so many things I've heard or read a zillion times, but your method of presentation and your written word were so powerful that I feel I have internalized them for the first time.  I regret that I did not save every email to a disk so that I could reread them all again and again. 

Billie A. Williams


The Life Breakthrough Course, Personal Growth Course really helped me to see inside myself. I had been struggling with low self-esteem, depression, etc. But the course made me see things that were positive that I had been overlooking. Other people were seeing them, but until I focused and did some of the tips, I didn't see them myself. I have printed out all of the lessons, and I am rereading them again, I am picking up different things each time. This course has really helped bring the good outside for me. Thank you

Lori Tuttle, Elsie, MI 


Thank you for the free course I've been receiving. It really has helped me to clarify a lot of my thinking and prioritize my life. I especially like your manner of writing - I can really feel your genuine concern for others and your desire to assist others in achieving success and peace of mind.

Dunnea Madson, Black Mountain, NC


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Aloha Asoka. The reason I signed up was that I resonate very strongly with your energy as it comes through in your writing. I was interested in what you were doing so I thought I would check it out. The lessons and advice that you offered were very easy to follow and a simple way for people to access the higher aspects of their being. I ended up forwarding the lessons to a number of people
in the hopes that they would benefit from them and they have expressed their appreciation.

Katrice Balmer, Kapaa, Hawaii


Your course was of great value to me, I enjoyed every episode as well as the associated action items.  For me the course clearly mapped a "most effective" strategy for goal identification, development, and execution.  I particularly like the way in which you integrated the thought process from "East and West". 

Edward F. Knab, Villa Park, CA


It was a unique and powerful course. It has made me more focused on things that are important to me. My creativity has increased dramatically. I feel more relaxed even in tough situations. I am accomplishing more in a day then before and at the end of the day I feel satisfied and fulfilled. It has made my life and as a result the life of others around me more peaceful!! Asoka, thank you very much for giving this course to all of us.

Sachin Bangera, Mumbai,India

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to take that course, which was very informative and educational, setting goals and smaller goals was of a great help to me as I am into the process of writing my own healing manual, thanks again and hope to join in another course of yours.

Asma Fayyad, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,


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"Thank God I received your ezine again!  I'm an artist and it helps me a lot in all the areas of my life, especially  with my creativity. Your articles inspired me a lot because the world of an artist is a difficult one.  Sometimes one stands before a canvas not knowing which way to go or if it's the right direction and get discouraged with one's self. Is there when I read you and I get the courage to go on, to start again, to set higher goals, to visualize my success and so on.  They also activate my imaginations and widen my horizon. Thank you!"

Maria Guarin, Bogotį, Colombia


"I love your ezine. They (the emails) seem to always come at the right time. It seems like whatever obstacle I am confronting on my path, you mention it in the newsletters (example, Goal-Setting, money matters, etc) I am really looking forward to your course on the Higher Self."

Gabriel Morales, San Jose, California


"I would like to thank you for the wonderful e-zine that you have developed. I look forward to it every month, and get quite exited when I see that it has arrived, read it, print it and file it for reference."
Lynette Caithness, Knysna, SA


Dear Asoka,
I have completed the Life Breakthrough Course and found it very well organized and easy to follow. I felt that it is well worth the time and energy to go through and should be reviewed more than once, especially when you need a positive boost. It has helped me focus on what I can do for myself rather than feeling like everything else controls me. I highly recommend taking your time going through it and to do all of the daily action tips, they really help you focus on a different aspect of your life each day.

Mary Ann Dziekan,



I hope with all my heart that other people will take this "Life Breakthrough Course", it indeed is a very personal journey that you take with the immense help from Asoka Selvarajah. The many epiphany's I had while doing this was huge!! It really is Remembering the things that matter most. Thank-you Asoka

Linda Plester, Ontario, Canada  


This course is really enlightening.  For me the course is a reminder for more than 14 days.  This is a new way of living and a daily decision to live this way.  I read the course over a lot and find comfort,  reassurance and positive possibilities in it.  It has helped me grow and and I have had tremendous results.  It is a daily choice to live the life one really wants.  It's easy to let things slide,  but this course has helped me stay on track and in a very short period of time. 

Dear Mr. Selvarajah,                                 

It was my great pleasure to receive the daily course each day for 14 days. It was so very simple to follow your instructions. I enjoyed it greatly am still enjoying it. I started receiving benefit from it with the first lesson. Each lesson led right into the next. I am much calmer, relaxed, and life is more meaningful due to your course. I am more confident now and I have self-esteem. Thank you so much for providing this for me.

Floyd Elliott, Columbia, South Carolina


I am very pleased to commend this course.  It strikes a good balance between being encouraging and challenging.  It is easy to read but leads the reader on to both thinking and action.  I would be more than happy to recommend it.
Alasdair Bothwell Gordon
Life Coach and Change Agent
Certified NLP Practitioner
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK



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