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Hello and Welcome! Asoka Selvarajah here - Proprietor of Mystic Visions. If this is your first time - or you just want to know more about us - you've come to the right page. Read on.


Mystic Visions - Aims & Purpose

Mystic Visions exists to provide YOU with a unique combination of information - Spiritual/Metaphysical AND Personal Development/Self Improvement - integrated into one common body of knowledge. In essence, there is no division.  

Thus, we aim to provide the richness of the metaphysical and mystical traditions. However, we also integrate powerful practical everyday skills available through the superb Personal Development teachings available today. Stimulating articles, a lively discussion forum,  valuable courses and books, a free monthly ezine packed with original articles and much more. 

No matter where you are in your interest in these matters, this website will be a powerful growing resource for you to treasure and learn from. Therefore, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE EZINE BY ENTERING YOUR DETAILS IN THE RHS BOX. YOU ALSO GET THE EXCELLENT FREE EBOOK "INNER LIGHT OUTER WEALTH" WHEN YOU DO SO.


Personal Biography

In order to be something other than a faceless entity in cyberspace, permit me to say a little about myself. 

I was born in London, England on 25th November 1960 of Sri Lankan parents. In late 1980, I attended Birmingham University for six years and was awarded a BSc. in Physics, followed by a PhD in Nuclear Physics. My PhD work took me to CERN in Switzerland to work on the huge sub-atomic particle accelerators - anti-matter, gamma rays, all that stuff. Around this time, I became very interested in the I Ching, the Tarot and other such esoteric matters. Modern Quantum Physics IS incredibly esoteric and metaphysical in its conclusions. Parallels between the latest findings in Physics and those of Ancient Wisdom became increasingly obvious to me, as they are to anyone who studies both. 

It was a great feeling to pick up those letters after my name; to be able to call myself "Doctor". But don't call me up if you've got a broken leg or a touch of pneumonia though. I'm not that kind of Doctor!

My next adventure was in the speedy, unpredictable world of Investment Banking. Although my fortunes seemed to fluctuate more rapidly than the most volatile stock market, I hung in there for over ten years and became a well regarded financial market forecaster/strategist. 

I used a lot of esoteric work in predicting the movements of financial markets to a high level of accuracy. Financial markets actually conform to an incredible extent to the laws of Sacred/Ancient Geometry and also with Astrology. Yes, it's true.....

A couple of years ago, my stars precipitated a fantastic opportunity disguised as a major challenge. I took leave of the financial industry, and began to pursue matters of deeper interest to me; issues of spiritual and personal growth in the widest possible sense. 

Mystic Visions was conceived at this time.  This website and its associated activities gives me the opportunity of following these major interests in my life, and share my insights with as wide an audience as possible. I am blessed to be able to do it and offer what I can. Although I am no guru, I think I have something of value to offer you. I hope you will come to feel that way too. In any case, may your visits to Mystic Visions bring you many blessings in your life. Then my purpose will be accomplished. 

I acknowledge the same divine spirit in you that is in me. Namaste!

Contact Information

You are an individual. We always remember that. Therefore, please feel free to Contact Us with any questions, comments or suggestions you have. We would welcome your feedback  on the site. We will always try to answer you in the shortest possible time. Please visit us often as we are constantly adding interesting items and information.


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